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Lecture Series

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Building An Instagram Following With Integrity

Saturday, September 28, 2019
10-11 am

Buying your way into a following doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually being followed. Building an organic following is difficult. Mermaid Azora is here to help with that problem! Come listen as she guides you through the process of Building an Instagram Following that’s organic and will interact with you.


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Merman Experiences and Reeformation

11am -12pm

With a major in Marine Biology and much professional experience, including fundraisers, conventions, marketing events, film and television appearances, Merman Christian has a world of valuable experience. He has been featured on many major publications such as CNN, ABC, INSIDER, Comedy Central, and CBS Los Angeles. Christian does not only perform but also teaches others about how they too can do their part to keep our oceans safe, clean, and thriving for the benefit of both the creatures that live there and ourselves. Merman Christian has now launched a new project called 'REEFORMATION'; a global awareness project about coral bleaching and conservation that uses his merman image as a link between entertainment and education on this serious issue. 


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Silicone Tail Maintenance and Care

Silicone tails are considered the utmost in realism when it comes to a performers tail, yet not every owner fully understands how to properly care for the most important part of their performance. From preventing mold, to what to do when the paint peels, Matthew will cover it all!


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Pearls: Treasures Of The Sea

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Everyone knows what pearls are. But do you really know what a pearl is? Come find out in this educational lecture from artist and pearl expect Mackenzie Terrebonne. Makenzie is also hosting a workshop with Sandy Fins in which you will create your own mermaid accessory, some even featuring the pearls which you just learned about!


Ethical Interactions With Wildlife

Mermaid Lila is a marine biologist, reiki practitioner, and mermaid instructor on the island of Maui. She spends countless hours in the ocean on a daily basis using her knowledge and love of the marine environment to educate people about being an ocean ambassador. Her passion led her to creating Mermaid Dreams Retreatsͭ ͫ where guests learn about and meet some of the oceans most amazing animals as mermaids.

Lila will be speaking about ethical interactions with marine life and how to avoid unsafe behaviors that can lead to injury of yourself or the animals and fines or jail time. Mermaids interested in learning more can also enroll in the NAUI Mermaid Level 1 Certification course.