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Mermaid Certification

Instructor: Lila Jones


Become NAUI Certified as A Mermaid

Friday, September 27

Lila will be hosting a certification class for Mermaids and Mermen interested in obtaining their level 1 certification through NAUI. This course will go into detail about everything you need to know to participate in mermaiding safely. She will discuss different tail types, care and maintenance, basics and risks of breath holding, introduction to underwater modeling and how to mermaid for a cause!

The full course offers online work, exam, and in-person skills assessment at Sandy Fins on September 27th 2019! You can pay in full, or pay the deposit to secure your space. Payment must be collected in full by June 30th 2019.

Once purchased, your email will be collected to invite you to the course web page.


Character Development

Instructor: Mermaid Athena


Learn Your Unique Story

Friday, September 27

Want to dazzle children and adults with fantastic stories of your adventures in the seas, but not quite sure how to tell them or where to start? This is where your writer's block ends! Get your imagination flowing in this unique 2 hour workshop. Mermaid Athena has been combining her background as a published short story author, natural history museum curator, paleontologist, and impromptu stage actor to create some of the most astounding background stories for herself. Come learn her secrets. Covered in this workshop:

  • Bubble Method of starting stories

  • How to develop your mersona without being a copy of someone else

  • How to create all those other side characters for your story

  • Creative interaction with all ages

  • How to politely deal with troublemakers

Much more will be covered and you will end up working in small groups pretending to be kids, adults, and possibly even some strange creatures! Your tail is not needed for this class, but do please bring a pen and a notebook.


Create A Press Kit

Instructor: Mermaid Shannon


Make Yourself Known!

Friday, September 27

More information will be available soon for this workshop


Aqua Yoga

Instructor: Christa Fairbrother

2 noodle images43468.jpg

Aqua Yoga for the Mer Community

Saturday, September 28

Mermaid tails can be heavy and all the dolphin kicks can get hard on your back.  Aqua yoga is a natural fit for Mer people because it brings your yoga work out into the pool and you get to destress in your natural habitat.  Aqua yoga improves your balance, reduces back pain, is a great stretch, and is super fun.  Class is 1 hour and will include a warm up, approximately 20 postures, and finish with a floating meditation.  You'll leave feeling energized, refreshed, and ready for the rest of the convention.  Pool noodles provided.  Feel free to wear a hat and/or sunglasses. 


Underwater Performance

Instructor: Jayne Champagne


Learn Professional Performance Skills

Saturday, September 28

What to be a real professional mermaid? Learn from a pro! Now for the first time, learn all the techniques, tips, and tricks from a professional aquatic performer.

Jayne Champagne has been a swimmer, dancer, model and professional mermaid for 10 years. 4 of them at the World Famous Wreck Bar in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. There’s she helped create one of the first underwater burlesque shows in the country.

Since then she has traveled all over the US performing and teaching her swim style. In this special 1 hour 45 min workshop you will learn:

  • Buoyancy control- ( no more weight belts!) the best techniques on how to control air and lung capacity to better control and stabilize underwater

  • Maneuvers- how to swim inverted. Rolls, loops and combinations that can be used underwater and also for surface swims

  • Swim styles- making it look effortless! gliding and fluidity training

  • How to properly prepare for underwater photo shoots and what the best poses are to better showcase your tail style and body type. How to keep your face relaxed and keep your hair mermaid picture perfect with without using your hands!

All this and much more and many other mermaid secrets!!! First part of the class will be without a tail or monofin, as we get comfortable in the water. Second half with be with fins!

*please bring separate mon fin, or mermaid tail and goggles*s


Siren Singing 101

Instructor: Nicole oliva


Sing Like The Little Mermaid

Saturday, September 28
3:30- 4:30 pm

Details coming soon!


Make Your Own Accessories

Instructor: Mermaid Mackenzie


Do It Yourself!

Sunday, September 29

More information available soon